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Normally I would start off every boxing article with a poetic gesture. However, today isn’t the day – there’s a few things that I need to get off my chest today as your Boxing Guy formally known as Tony Evers. Tomorrow night promises to be a fight of the year candidate as Andre Ward defends the Light Heavyweight Championship of the World against Sergey Kovalev. The first fight was met with extreme controversy by pundits and critics for several reasons. To recap that night in a nutshell, Andre Ward hit the deck in the Second Round but got up off the canvas against a true killer and beat Sergey Kovalev in the second half of the fight to win the crown. In a decision that could’ve went either way, Ward pulled off the upset.

The narrative that should’ve been portrayed that night is how Andre Ward got up off the canvas against a monster in Sergey Kovalev and bullied the bully in the second half of the fight. However, Ward’s win was met with scrutiny and criticism from boxing aficionados who cried foul, robbery, and a list of other piss poor excuses. This is the rant ladies and gentlemen:

Andre Ward is an Olympic Gold Medalist – a United States Olympic Gold Medalist who should be cheered for his character, his integrity, and his boxing ability. He is 34 years old and he still has never been beaten professionally while maintaining his seat atop the Pound-for-Pound Rank like some boxing wizard. But sadly his career is marked with criticism and skepticism. Folks… that should NOT be. Andre Ward is the best pound-for-pound fighter on Planet Earth not named Floyd Mayweather (we will get into Mayweather v McGregor at a later time). The American public and boxing fans alike should be ashamed of themselves for the lack of respect they show this man Andre Ward.

Tomorrow night will be a hotly contested affair but expect Andre Ward to put on a dominating clinic en route to a Unanimous Decision Victory over Sergey Kovalev which will solidify Ward as, pound-for-pound, the best boxer on the planet… Well… Hopefully allowing him to get the respect that he deserves. With Ahead of the Spread Boxing, I’m The Boxing Guy signing off.


~ P.S. ~

If you’re betting the fight, bet Andre Ward. Betting specifics:

Unanimous Decision is dangerous because we understand that it’s Boxing and one judge could’ve already scored the fight. But I would expect Andre Ward via Majority Decision, at least. Kovalev does not beat Ward tomorrow night!

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