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Bernard Hopkins

The definition of longevity is the great duration of a long act or service. None could be truer than in the case of the EXECUTIONER, THE ALIEN, Bernard Hopkins. As the 51-year-old laces his gloves for the final time tonight, Ahead of the Spread Boxing would like to give a tribute to this unique athlete. From humble beginnings raised in the cold projects of Philadelphia. To spending most of his adolescent and early adulthood incarcerated in prison. As Hopkins left jail, the warden told him that he could not wait to see him again. BOY WAS HE WRONG!!!!!!!!! Bernard Hopkins overcame the odds of becoming a statistic, by disciplining his body and perfecting his craft in the sport of boxing.

In a hall of fame career that has spanned over 20 years, Hopkins should be known as the professor for the way he has schooled opponents young enough to be his children. From Kelly Pavlik (who was a heavy favorite and undefeated champion) Jean Pascal, Roy Jones Jr., and countless others Hopkins has dissected on his journey of excellence. It’s honestly a travesty that Bernard Hopkins’ longevity has not been celebrated throughout American sports. From his epic discipline, to being the oldest man to hold a major boxing belt, tonight’s fight should be celebrated in American culture.

Tonight in the final fight of his illustrious career Bernard Hopkins takes on a tough opponent in Joe Smith. A perfect way for Hopkins to finish his career against a man who most would say poses a major threat to knock him out. Hopkins wouldn’t have it any other way. A man who never ducked anybody. A true icon who fought the best in their prime. A true legend who believed in cleaning house in his division and unifying the titles. Ahead of the Spread boxing salutes you! The man, the myth the legend, the Executioner, the Alien, Bernard Humphrey Hopkins Jr.

Tony Evers

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