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Burning Isaiah Thomas’ Jersey… Why?

Burning Isaiah Thomas’ Jersey… Why?

Hey Celtics fans, why burn Isaiah Thomas’ jersey? He was an all star PG and carried your team throughout the season. Where do you find the audacity to burn his jersey when he was traded by your GM, Danny Ainge?

Last season Thomas averaged 28.9 PPG, 5.9 APG, and, oh yea, he shot just over 46% from the field. Not to mention after his sister passed away (RIP) he still found it in him to play for the fans and the city of Boston to bring a ring back to the city.

Now he was traded so burn his jersey? Good one.

Boston fans don’t deserve a player like Isaiah Thomas. He was traded because Danny Ainge didn’t want to pay him after this upcoming season.

Let his Boston jersey burn but the Cavaliers will be the team to beat, yet again in the East.

By the way, you can say people didn’t like him in the locker room, sure that happens, but do you really think people like Kyrie Irving in the locker room? Winning was too much for him, I guess.

Who would ask to leave a team with the best player in the NBA?

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