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Cleveland Cavaliers @ Milwaukee Bucks

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Milwaukee Bucks

LeBron vs. Giannis. Can’t wait. Derrick Rose looks like he’s back from his Chicago days. This offense gives him enough space to dribble through defenses and get to the hoop. Jeff Green will be huge for this team, he might be the most underrated move in the offseason. The Cavaliers didn’t shoot well from behind the arc in their first game but I expect it to improve and improve fast. LeBron James just missed a triple double in their first game.

Giannis Antetokoumnpo is the future of the NBA. He’s coming off a performance in which he score 37 points. The Bucks will be without Jabari Parker after getting hurt last season and they will have their hands full against LeBron.

Cleveland Cavaliers (-1.5)

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