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Dolphins (+3) over RAVENS

If you did a double take at that spread, don’t worry you weren’t alone. Common sense says the team that has won three straight games would be favored. Especially when the alternative is a loser of their last two, including an ugly home loss to the Bears in overtime. But dial it back a bit. A three point spread is essentially home field advantage, nothing more and nothing less.

The Ravens can absolutely win this game. Yes, the Dolphins are hot but they also have looked real bad (20-6 loss to Jets in Week 3 and 20-0 loss at home to Saints in Week 4). On offensive the Dolphins have the clear advantage but the Ravens take every other category.

Given it’s a Thursday night game all logic can be thrown away. Mike Wallace and Jeremy Maclin are likely out tonight which means Joe Flacco would have to carry the load. Yikes. On the Dolphins side Jay Cutler is out but it could be argued that Matt Moore is on par with this version or Cutler or maybe even an upgrade. Moore has the superior weapons in Jarvis Landry, Jay Ajayi and possibly Devante Parker who is questionable for tonight.

For the Ravens to win they will have to score around 17 to 20 points. I’m not ready to trust Joe Flaccid to get me anything. I’ll rock with Landry and the hot Dolphins in another close game.

Prediction: Dolphins 21, Ravens 16

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