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The Ageless Jaromir Jagr Can Still Play

Jaromir Jagr has been playing in the NHL since he was 18 years old, a remarkable feat considering he’s currently 45. Once arguably the best player in the sport, Jagr his enjoyed freakish longevity in a sport as physically demanding as hockey.

Jagr has logged 765 goals and 1149 assists in his great career, not including a stint overseas. But he still finds himself without a job for the 17-18 season. Recently, the Port Huron Prowlers of the Federal Hockey League offered Jagr a spot on their roster for this upcoming season. You can read the formal press release by clicking the link below.

Advanced Scout, Robert Babiak, was quoted as saying he still believes Jagr can contribute to an NHL roster. He said Jagr is the type of player who can go anywhere and elevate a unit – regardless of what style of hockey they play.

So, lets be honest, the fans don’t want this man’s career come to an end and neither does he! He’s still willing to play and he is still good enough to play in the NHL. Maybe the Prowlers are lucky enough to land the ledgend but, either way, I hope he can continue to play the game for as long as he has the desire.

I’ll be rooting for Jagr to go out on top and on HIS terms!

I’ll be rooting for him to keep playing the game he loves.

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