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Money in the Bank Recap ~ 6/18/17

The Hype Bros vs. The Colons
Zack Ryder and Epico Colon kicked things off to start the match. Ryder took control early in the match but quickly tagged in Mojo Rawley and Epico tagged in Primo. Primo kept hitting Mojo’s head on the turnbuckles but it ended up firing Mojo up. Epico then went at Ryder’s knee. Eventually, Ryder was able to hit a Neck Breaker on Primo. The Hype Bros got the win with the Hype Ryder on Primo Colon.
First Ever Money in the Bank Women’s Ladder Match
Charlotte Flair vs. Tamina vs. Becky Lynch vs. Carmella vs. Natalya
The match started with everyone but Tamina jumping out of the ring grabbing ladders. Tamina started to try to put up a ladder but Charlotte Flair came in to send it down. Everyone got back in the ring and Tamina took advantage.
Tamina sent Natalya flying and then went after Becky Lynch. Tamina then tried to set the ladder up but sent it at Lynch. Charlotte Flair then used a ladder on Tamina and Natalya sent Flair out of the ring. Becky Lynch then hit Tamina with a ladder. Natalya and Lynch were fighting over a ladder and Natalya ended up landing Lynch on top of a ladder. Natalya got a ladder set up to get to the briefcase but Flair was able to break things up and hit Natalya with an Electric Chair Drop.
Flair then goes for the contract but Carmella ripped her off the ladder. Flair and Carmella both reached the top of the ladder fighting over the briefcase and Tamina pushed the ladder over. Natalya then hit Tamina with a ladder. Lynch tried to break things up. Natalya then hit Flair with a Butterfly Suplex. Lynch comes back at Natalya and kicked her into a ladder.
Lynch tried to climb a ladder and Carmella sent her off. Carmella then sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring and Flair ripped her off and hit her with a boot. Flair and Tamina were fighting on the ladder and Tamina connected with a Head-butt, which sent them both off the ladder. Flair then wipes out Tamina and Natalya after flying off the top turnbuckle.
Carmella stood alone and started to climb the ladder but Lynch hit Carmella with a Power Bomb. Lynch started to climb the ladder but Ellsworth knocked down the ladder and tried to help Carmella up. Ellsworth started to climb the ladder and took the briefcase down and gave it to Carmella.
That’s how you end the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.
Tag Team Title Match
The New Day vs. The Usos
Kofi Kingston started things off against Jimmy Uso. Kofi covered but Jimmy kicked out quickly. Jimmy tagged in Jey and Jey took control over Kofi. Kofi tagged in Big E. Big E took control and then tagged in Kofi. Kofi covered another kick out. Jey tagged in Jimmy and sent Kofi over the top rope. Jimmy then Clotheslined Kofi outside the ring. Jimmy tagged in Jey and kept control over Kofi and sent him out of the ring again.
The Usos hit Kofi with a Suplex into the post. Kofi started to fight back but Jey hit Kofi from the top rope. Kofi was able to get up and hit Jey with a stomp. Big E and Jimmy both tagged in and Big E hit Jimmy with three Belly to Bellies. Big E covered for a two count. Jimmy and Kofi now in the ring. Jimmy and Jey went for the leg of Kofi. Jimmy and Big E went at it outside the ring. Kofi got a submission but Jimmy distracted him. Kofi hit Jey with an SOS and got a two count. Down goes Kofi with a Super kick.
Jimmy breaks things up and Xavier distracted the Usos. The Usos dropped Big E but it sent them both off the top rope. Kofi then off the top turnbuckle hit both the Usos and then he hit Jey with the Midnight hour. Jimmy pulled Jey out of the ring. The Usos then walk away and the New Day win but the Usos keep the title.
Can’t win the title by a count out.
SmackDown Women’s Championship
Naomi vs. Lana
Naomi took control early. Naomi sent Lana into the middle turnbuckle. Lana sent Naomi out of the ring. Lana went to cover but Naomi kicked out at two. Lana then hit Naomi with a Suplex into the bottom rope. Another Suplex into the middle rope by Lana.
Lana with another cover – another kick out by Naomi. Naomi then connected with three kicks to Lana. Naomi hit a Rearview and covered for a two count. Carmella then walked out and almost cashed in. But Naomi connected with a submission and Lana tapped out. Naomi remains champion.
WWE Championship
Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton
Orton took control early and almost connected with an RKO. Orton continued to have control. Orton sent Mahal over the top rope and hit him with a Clothesline.Now back in the ring, Mahal sent Orton out of the ring. Mahal then took control outside the ring. Mahal sent Orton shoulder first into the steel stairs. Orton sent Mahal spine first into the barricade and onto Orton’s father’s lap. Mahal then took control using a table. Orton hit Mahal with a Fall-Away Slam.
Mahal rolled out of the ring and Orton followed. Back in the ring, Mahal hit Orton with a kick. Mahal covered but only got a two count. Mahal continueed to go after Orton’s knee that which was injured during the match. Mahal hit a Knee Drop to the chest of Orton. Mahal connected with a Figure 4 on Orton in the middle of the ring. Orton reversed the pressure onto Mahal but he was able to get to the rope.
Orton hit a Superflex off the top rope and covered for a two count. They started exchanging blows in the ring. Orton gained the momentum and hit Mahal with a DDT. Orton connect with an RKO but one of the Singh brothers put Mahal’s foot on the rope. The Singh brothers got ejected from ringside. The Singh brothers went after Orton’s father but Orton took care of them. Orton hit the Singh’s off the barricade, RKO, and RKO through a table. Then he went back at Mahal but Mahal hit a Khallas. Jinder Mahal gets the pin and is still WWE Champion.
Breezango vs. The Ascension
Breezango won the match when Fandango hit a Small Package on Konner. Let’s get to the Money in the Bank ladder match.
Kevin Owens vs. Baron Corbin vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sami Zayn vs. AJ Styles vs. Dolph Ziggler
As Nakamura was being announced, Baron Corbin attacked him from behind. The bell rang with Nakamura still laying outside the ring on the ramp. Zayn went for Dolph Ziggler and Owens went after Ziggler and Zayn. Styles then went after Ziggler and Corbin. Styles battled Ziggler and Corbin and Corbin went for a ladder.
Ziggler and Corbin ran over Styles with a ladder and then Corbin took out Ziggler. Ziggler then hit Corbin with a Super Kick. Zayn then took Ziggler off the apron. Styles then sent Zayn out of the ring. Corbin hit Ziggler with a Deep Six and Zayn then hit Corbin from the top rope. Styles, alone in the ring, tried to get the ladder in the ring but Kevin Owens got in the way. Owens then hit Styles and Zayn with a ladder. He then hit Corbin and Ziggler.
He went after Styles again but Styles dodged it and knocked Owens down into the ladder. Styles and Owens then exchanged blows in the ring. Owens then sent Styles out of the ring. Zayn throws Owens into the ladder off the top rope. Ziggler got to Zayn while he was setting up a ladder and sent Zayn spine first into the steel ladder.
Ziggler got to the top of the ladder and got pulled down by Zayn. Corbin and Zayn, back in the ring, had Styles enter and take control. Styles and Corbin were fighting at the top of the ladder and then Ziggler joined them. Ziggler hit Corbin with a Zig Zag off the ladder. Zayn and Ziggler now at the top of the ladder. And Zayn hit Ziggler with a Power Bomb off the top of the ladder. Owens and Zayn go at it on the apron and Zayn flipped Owens onto his neck on the apron. Styles then hit Zayn with a Phenomenal Forearm. Corbin then Choke Slammed Styles into the ladder. Zayn Helluva Kicked Corbin. AJ Styles sent Owens into a ladder outside the ring.
Styles went to the top on the ladder but Ziggler removed the ladder. Styles held onto the briefcase but couldn’t get it unhooked. Corbin went to the ladder and Nakamura came out. Corbin launches a ladder at Nakamura but missed. Nakamura then took control of Corbin. Nakamura then hit Corbin with a knee to the midsection. Then Nakamura took care of Ziggler. Nakamura hit Zayn with a Reverse Exploder.
Nakamura hit Owens with a King Shassa. Nakamura and Styles then moved the ladder and started to fight in the middle of the ring. Styles and Nakamura then both started climbing and exchanged blows at the top of the ladder. Corbin then pushed the ladder over and climbed to the top of the ladder and got the briefcase. Baron Corbin wins the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.     

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