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Presidential Debate

The multi-billion dollar machine that is the NFL may have a little problem on its hands.

According to “TV By The Numbers,” the Eagles-Bears Monday Night Football telecast generated an 8.3 in the Nielsen metered market rating. The sub par grade reflects an 11% drop from last years Week 2 MNF matchup between the Jets and the Colts.

All and all, the NFL has seen a dip in viewership over the past 4 seasons on Monday Nights. This trend undoubtedly triggers great pleasure in two circles: MLB purists still clinging to America’s pastime and it DEFINITELY delights Tom Brady.

This week, Commissioner Goodell and his revenue juggernaut will have NO HELP attracting eyes to the Falcons-Saints game. (Drumroll please), the time has come for “Crooked” Hillary Clinton and “The Most Interesting Racist In The World” Donald J. Trump to face-off in the 1st Presidential Debate before the election. The Fight of the Century is upon us! THIS is what we’ve been waiting for. THIS is must-see television at its finest. Even if politics isn’t your thing, “Ahead of the Spread” is here to remind you that the Clinton-Trump spectacle offers something for everyone–including you, the degenerate gambler!

What color will Donald Trump’s tie be?
Red (-250)
,Blue (+160)
, Yellow/Gold (+1100)
, Other Color (+1100), Black (+3300)

What color will Hillary Clinton’s jacket be?
Blue (-175)
, White (+250),
Black (+500), 
Red (+1000), 
Brown (+1000)
, Other Color (+2500)

*NOTE* If multiple colors, predominant color will be used for grading purposes.

These first two are toss-up’s. Gun to my head I would say Trump wears a red tie–he is the Republican Candidate after all–but he has a bit of an unpredictable quality to him, perhaps you’ve noticed. If you’re willing to put up $250 to win $100–I’d say you’re sick. Gun to my head in Hillary’s case… just pull the trigger. She has shown us a rather bizarre wardrobe on the campaign trail so there is no way to know. As far as what they wear I’d stay away.

Which event will have a higher Nielsen rating?
Monday Night Football (+1000) or Presidential Debate (-2500)

This is a MORTAL lock. The debate will most likely smash the previous audience record set in 1980 by Ronald Regan and Jimmy Carter, which drew a little more than 80 million viewers. Oddsmakers know this, and they’re gonna make you put up your house in order to win any real money. If you can stomach risking 2 grand to win $100, go right ahead.

Will Donald Trump call Hillary Clinton a liar?
Yes (-300) or 
No (+200)

While my heart says that Donald would love nothing more than to get chants of “Liar” and “Lock her up” started, my brain tells me he’s been instructed to be as buttoned up as possible. He has also said he would treat Hillary with respect if she does the same to him. I’d bet “No” and hope that two candidates for the highest office in the land can actually play nice (weird concept, I know).

Will Donald Trump mention Bill Clinton?
Yes (-175)
 or No (+135)
*NOTE* Must say “Bill” and make clear reference to Bill Clinton for yes to be graded a win.

This one is literally 50/50. Whatever floats your boat.

Will Hillary Clinton mention Melania Trump?
Yes (+160)
 or No (-230)
*NOTE* Must say “Melania” to be graded a win.

Something tells me Melania’s name will be mentioned. Solely because the Trump family has been given more attention throughout this entire process than most would have originally thought. From Melania “ripping off” Michelle Obama’s speech, to Trump’s daughter taking the initiative in the campaign for women’s rights, to his son tweeting about skittles– all signs point to the Trump family coming under fire in some capacity and at +160, it’s worth the risk. Cross your fingers and hope for “Melania”.

Will Hillary Clinton say “bigot” or “bigotry”?
Yes (-250)
 or No (+170)

This may not be a mortal lock, but the Clinton Campaign has been fueled on the notion that Trump is a bigot better than WWE’s Paul Heyman fuels a Brock Lesnar Promo. Clinton should have had shirts made a long time ago that read: Eat. Sleep. Bigot. Repeat. Depending on your bank roll this is surely worth at least a cool $50 to win $20. If you bet a lower unit at (-250) it isn’t even worth it.
Will Hillary Clinton say “deplorable”? Yes (+135)
 or No (-175)

This is a classic trap. I can almost hear oddsmakers saying, “Here kitty kitty.” They hope you look at this and think, “Of course she wouldn’t say deplorable; Why go down that road again”? But it would be a fools errant to think Trump won’t bring it up FOR her. She’ll wisely attempt to use this as a platform to set the record straight on what she meant. Bet “yes” at +135.
Will Trump say “Crooked Hillary”?

Yes (-165)
 or No (+125)

I do believe Trump will get on a Trump-like tangent as he speaks to the audience and slip at least one “Crooked Hillary” in there. But, as mentioned, if she doesn’t provoke him he’ll be on his “best” behavior so who knows. At (-200) the price is prohibitive. I would stay away from this one.
Will Trump say “build the wall” or “build a wall”?
Yes (-300) or 
No (+200)

YES. The only question is, how many times? Maybe don’t bet the house, but put up as much as you feel comfortable, as $100 only wins you $33.33

Monday Night Football’s ratings will be down again. You and I won’t be watching a good chunk of the game with the same intent we otherwise would. If that thought leaves you empty knowing that your evening will be void of a wager – I have good news! Tune in for the Clinton-Trump showdown and enjoy tracking your action as you always would…You can still scratch the itch! Getcha popcorn ready, and enjoy the festivities!

-Yours Truly

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