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Redbirds Fall Despite Strong Outing From Hall

The Redbirds dropped Game 1 of the scheduled twin bill but it wasn’t for lack of pitching from starter Scott Hall. Hall, the 39th ranked Empire League prospect by Ahead of the Spread’s staff, was perfect through four. The big righty was on a roll but he was removed in the 6th with one out and a man on second. The move turned out to spell doom for the Birds who’s bullpen ran into trouble which led to the eventual loss.

Lifting Hall didn’t look good in hindsight but the move is understandable given the rookie’s inexperience and the fact that he was preparing to face the top of the batting order for the third time.

It was exciting to see a glimpse of Hall’s potential and we look forward to seeing him continue developing through his young career.

The Redbirds are still playing solid baseball and they look to rebound in mere minutes with a W in Game 2 of our doubleheader.

Michael Chiaradio
Ahead of the Spread

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