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Special Edition: Michelle Molina Cruz

Miss New Jersey contestant, Michelle Molina Cruz, joins Michael Chiaradio as she prepares for the Miss New Jersey Pageant in October. Michelle touches on her amazing journey into the modeling world, how she’s preparing for the Pageant, and much more. The Ahead of the Spread Family would like to wish Michelle the best of luck and continued success.
Instagram: @michellemolinacruz
Twitter: @micmolinacz
Facebook: @michellemolinaofficial
Snapchat: shellybeesknees

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Special Edition: Pastor Zach Meys

Pastor Zach Meys recently published his first book, “The Basics, Basic Theology Every Christian Should Know.” Pastor Zach joins Michael Chiaradio to talk about his journey into ministry and how he created his newly published work. Congratulations Pastor Zach on his publication!

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Interview with Derek Jenkins, 26th Round Pick in 2016 (Angels)

Derek Jenkins, outfielder in the LA Angels organization, joins Michael Chiaradio to talk about his journey to professional baseball and some of the most valuable lessons he’s learned on his way. Great listen for any young athlete.

“Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t accomplish something.” – Derek Jenkins

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Special Edition: Bianca Arielle

Be sure to listen to Bianca’s Spoken Word performance of “Suburbs” at the conclusion of the interview. This episode is an amazing look at a talented artist with a broad range of talents. Must Listen.

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