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Talks with 2k ~ 7/13/17

Sammy02k tell us what it takes to be a Product Promoter on Social Media. And she declares that Michael Chiaradio is in the running for “Number 1 Fan!!!”

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Talks with 2k ~ 7/5/17

Sammy02k talks “pickup lines” and tells us how a man can get her attention. Michael Chiaradio is on the track also and… this is the best show ever. Sammy02k is the greatest!

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Talks with 2k ~ 6/19/17

Sammy02k tells us the story behind her horrific butt injury & provides in-depth analysis on how she “Got Memed.” An epic and all-time-great performance by Sammy02k…

Michael Chiaradio was there too.

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Talks with 2k ~ 5/22/17

Sammy02k talks about Fire-breathing Bagpipes in Portland, interracial dating, monogamy, and how she got so thick. Shout out to @Breezyfrm91 for submitting his questions to us on Instagram – make sure to go follow him! AND turn Sammy’s notifications on for everything – she’s amazing.

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