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SmackDown Live Recap ~ 6/6/17

Naomi, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch vs. Natalya, Tamina, and Carmella
Charlotte Flair and Natalya kicked things off to start. Neither was able to take control early until Natalya was able to knock Charlotte down. Charlotte quickly rebounded and took control and tagged in Lynch. Carmella was also tagged in. Becky went for a few quick count outs. Lynch got knocked out of the ring and Natalya hit her with a Discos Clothesline. Carmella rolled Becky back in the ring and went for the pin. Becky was able to kick out. Carmella took complete control over Lynch and then tagged in Tamina. Tamina continued where Carmella left off in complete control of the match. Natalya tagged in, Carmella tagged in, Tamina tagged in, and then again Natalya – each took turns on Lynch on the ropes. Finally Becky was able to fight back and tagged in Naomi. Naomi went to town against Carmella. Tamina tagged in and Naomi continued dominating. Carmella jumped in to break up the count. Lana comes down to the ring and takes out Naomi. Tamina then took out Naomi with a Super Kick and Tamina was able to cover for the three count.
Backstage Shane McMahon gives Mojo Rawley an opportunity to get in the Money in the Bank ladder Match if he beats Jinder Mahal.
AJ Styles vs. Dolph Ziggler
Styles and Ziggler fought for control early. Ziggler hit Styles with a Drop Kick and took control. Styles fought back and they started exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Ziggler was taken out by Styles with a massive Clothesline. Ziggler got back in the match and got Styles to the top rope but got tossed aside by Styles. Styles got the win with a Styles Clash.
Mojo Rawley vs. Jinder Mahal
Mojo took control early but Mahal was able to get to the bottom rope. Mojo sent him out of the ring. Singh Brothers made an interference and Mahal took control. Mahal finished off Rawley so he will not be in the Money in the Bank ladder Match.
Primo and Epico Colon vs. The New Day
Xavier Woods and Primo started things off in the match. Woods took down Primo and quickly covered but Primo was able to kick out. The tag was applied to Epico and Woods tagged in Big E. Big E covered but Epico kicked out. Big E and Woods take out both the Colons and sent them out of the ring. The Colons go after Kingston but were stopped in their path by Big E and Woods. Big E tagged in Woods and went to cover another kick out. Primo is now in control over Woods in the middle of the ring. Woods flew off the top rope with a Drop Kick and tagged in Big E. Woods and Big E hit a Midnight hour for the win.     
Backstage Naomi will put her title on the line against Lana at Money in the Bank.
Kevin Owens vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Nakamura’s entrance was electrifying, like always. Owens took control of the match early but Nakamura fought out of it. Then he kicked Owens out of the ring. Kevin Owens then took control over Nakamura and went for the cover but Nakamura kicked out. Owens hit Nakamura with a DDT but another kick out. Nakamura fought back and they started exchanging blows in the middle of the ring and Nakamura dropped Kevin Owens. Nakamura covered but Owens was able to kick out. Owens fought back after he connected with a Head Butt. Owens then hit him with a Cannonball. Nakamura turned the match around and hit Owens with a Kingshasa. Nakamura got the pin over Kevin Owens.
After the match Baron Corbin, who sat ringside blindsided Nakamura with the End of Days.

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