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The Classless Giants…Fire McAdoo

The Giants are now a classless organization after the handling of Eli Manning’s situation.

First off, let’s forget the 210 consecutive start streak. When Eli was drafted, he forced his way to New York because that’s where he wanted to be. Love him or hate him he’s been reliable during his tenure in New York. They offered him to start the game but be taken out. Why would anyone want to start a game just to be taken out?

He’s being replaced by Geno Smith, a guy who won’t even be on the team next year. McAdoo says this is their best chance to win this week… BS. Geno Smith has done nothing in this league and should never start another game in the NFL. Who cares what he’s done in college, he couldn’t win the job with the Jets and he certainly won’t now.

If you wanted a chance to win maybe you should’ve signed some offensive linemen. That’s on Jerry Reese, we know… but, Ben, you suck. You’re an offensive genius, right? Wrong! You’re unreliable, unloyal, and ungrateful. You were given this job to take the franchise to new heights yet you buried it even further.

Tom Coughlin should’ve never been forced to resign. That goes years back but what have the Giants accomplished that they couldn’t have done without him. He would’ve been in Jerry Reese’s ear and gotten an offensive line.

Eli was blamed for the losing but you have no wide receiver talent after the injuries. The Giants haven’t had a running game in years. So what do teams do? I’ll tell you, they look for the pass every down. Ben I can’t wait until you’re fired and out of New York. I’m sure you’ll find another job, not as a head coach though. You couldn’t do anything last year when your players were healthy. You lost in the first round to the Packers but your offense never scored over 30 points in a game.

So Ben, before you bring the franchise I love to pieces… just leave. Take Jerry Reese with you. You’re both in over your pay grades.

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