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Thursday Night Football: Broncos (-3) over COLTS

One word for this matchup–yuck. NFL viewership is already in the toilet and this game is going to be visual diarrhea. The Broncos absolutely stink. The Colts are atrocious. Vance Joseph may have been dealt a bad hand with quarterbacks. Chuck Pagano is the bad hand in Indy.

That’s all you really need to know but for the sake of explaining the pick let’s run through both teams quickly. The Broncos are all defense, if they’re on this game will be over regardless of how anemic their offense is. Andrew Luck has been lost for the season but Jacoby Brissett has been far from the problem. There really is no reason the Colts stink other than their defensive-minded head coach can’t put together a good defense.

Side with defense and special teams in a matchup of losers and please, if you can watch something else tonight, do it. No matter who wins tonight the real losers will be the viewers.

Prediction: Broncos 20, Colts 14

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