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Thursday Night Football: PATRIOTS (-9) over Chiefs

If there is one piece of gambling advice I feel qualified to bestow upon you it is this–take Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in Foxboro. Don’t look at the opponent. Don’t look at the spread. Don’t even look at who the Patriots have on their sideline, as long as Brady and Belichick are there it’s safe money. The legendary QB-head coach duo is 53-1 at home against AFC opponents since 2007.

Thursday night the Chiefs will be the sacrificial lamb to the Pats dynasty. For what it’s worth Andy Reid’s squad is not a band of bums. They can play, especially on the defensive side. But their offense went from having a decent bite to a nibble. Alex Smith is still running the show, but Jamaal Charles is gone. Jeremy Maclin is gone. Travis Kelce is the main weapon and even he is banged up.

Last season sensation Tyreek Hill will be leaned on in this game (and the rest of the season) to spark the Chiefs attack. Rookie running back Kareem Hunt has received praise all camp but you can bet Belichick will effectively remove one of the three and force Smith to beat him.

On the flip side Julian Edelman is out for the season, but as is custom in New England, next man up. Who will step up for Jules? Take your pick–Chris Hogan, Danny Amendola or shiny new toy Brandin Cooks. The options are endless and Brady can turn spoiled lemons into the world’s greatest lemonade.

Brady will have the offense going, Gronk will be Gronk and the Pats will do what the Patriots have done so well during the Brady-Belichick era–win.

Prediction: Chiefs 16, Patriots 34

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