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Thursday Night Football: Rams (-2.5) over 49ERS

Look away, look away. If you thought last Thursday night was a pile of crap then this week is pure diarrhea. Division rivals (and I use the term rival loosely) lock horns in a battle of the bums. In one corner we have the Rams who are actually not that bad, but as Jared Goff showed us last week, should not be fully trusted. In the other we have the 49ers who are 0-2 but have not embarrassed themselves considering how bad their games could have been.

The matchup that will define this game is Carlos Hyde versus the Rams run defense. Hyde is the sole threat on the 49ers offense and is coming off two games in which he ran the ball effectively. Against the stout Seahawks he ran for 124 yards but most of that came on a 61 yard run. Still, if the 49ers are going to stay in this Hyde will likely be the reason. The defense hasn’t been bad, holding Cam Newton and Russell Wilson in check, but again that could be a result of Newton and Wilson’s units struggling early.

On a short week the home team has the advantage. That should favor the 49ers, however the Rams clearly win the talent battle. Goff has been decent enough to get Todd Gurley, the best player on the field Thursday night, room to maneuver. That wasn’t the case last year which led to heavy traffic for Gurley. If Goff can continue to be competent then Gurley should have his way and the Rams can eke out a game they must win if they plan to be in contention for the NFC West crown.

Prediction: Rams 20, 49ers 16

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