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We’ll Miss John Cena

We’ll Miss John Cena

John Cena will be out of the WWE for a while. Although he is not retiring, he is getting older and he’s locked up roles in movies. Cena can’t wrestle forever but he has made the WWE great.

Love or hate Cena, he’s talented! Not just wrestling in the ring but also on the mic while entertaining the WWE universe. He’s confident that he’s left the WWE in a better place with the emergence of Roman Reigns. Some will say Reigns is taking the torch from Cena but, after their match at No Mercy, I’d say Reigns earned it.

Cena has been on the WWE’s main roster since 2002. He’s had one of the most successful careers ever, winning 25 championships – 16 as a World Champion.

Cena will be gone but never forgotten.

Thank you John Cena.

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