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Will the Patriots Go a Perfect 16-0?

Will the New England Patriots go a perfect 16-0?

With the loss of Julian Edelman the questions will be with the wide receiving corps. The Patriots still have veteran wide receivers like Danny Amendola, Phillip Dorsett, and Brandin Cooks. Let’s also not forget about the man throwing them the ball, the GOAT, Tom Brady.

Another question Patriot’s fans and fans of the league need to ask themselves is, Is Tom Brady due to decline? I recently read an article at an article by Boris “Bubs” Malloy stating, “The only reason to doubt New England(‘s ability to go 16-0) is Brady’s age.” In his article he goes on and says, “He’ll be 40 this season. That’s an age where a QB’s production can fall off without warning.”

As we all know, QB play in the NFL is vital. They need to know the coverages, the routes, audibles, etc. Now there’s no doubt Brady knows and understands all those but physically will he still be able to deliver a pass down the field? The offensive line will need to keep him off the ground and protect New England’s pride and joy.

There are a few games that may be concerning against Oakland and against the Falcons. There’s no telling if they’ll have a perfect regular season but I’d bet they will have home field advantage in the playoffs.

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