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WWE Raw Recap – 6/12/17

Finally, Brock Lesnar has returned to Raw. The show started with Brock Lesnar making his way to the ring with Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman went off about Samoan Joe calling him a mutt and a dog. Samoa Joe made his entrance to the ring and started going at Lesnar. Lesnar fought back and security rushed the ring but got knocked out. The entire Raw locker room had to run out and break things up between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar.

Elias Samson sang some crappy song that was inspired by the fans. The song he sang was about Louisiana being a laughing stock of the USA. He sounded like nails on a chalkboard or something worse. Dean Ambrose interrupted his song, thankfully.

Dean Ambrose vs. Elias Samson

The match started slow but Elias Samson took control. Dean Ambrose was able to hit Samson with a Spinning Elbow and take over. Ambrose was in complete control until Elias hit Ambrose with a Clothesline. Ambrose fought back and hit him with a Clothesline and then hit Samson with a Fisherman’s Suplex. Samson kicked out after a two count. Samson connected with a boot to the face. Ambrose then connected with a Suicide Dive after he knocked Samson out of the ring. Ambrose fed off the WWE Universe but The Miz distracted Ambrose. Samson got the two count. Ambrose then went after The Miz and, of course, Maryse got in the way. Ambrose made The Miz look like a toddler. Ambrose had all his attention on The Miz and then Elias Samson was able to connect with a Neck Breaker. Elias Samson covered and got the win.

Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar

Noam Dar came out to the ring facetiming Alicia Fox. Cedric Alexander got an easy win. The win took all of about three seconds. Cedric Alexander hit Dar with a Lumbar Check and got the quick count out.

Kalisto vs. Apollo Crews

Kalisto took control early but Apollo crews countered easily. Kalisto was able to cover but Crews was able to kick out at two. Apollo Crews won the match with a Power Bomb.

Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Dana Brooke vs. Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, and Emma

Nia Jax was a wrecking crew and set Alexa Bliss up perfectly. Bliss tagged in Emma and covered Brooke for a two count. Brooke fought back but was unable to get a tag. She was finally able to tag in Banks and Banks launched Emma into Jax. Alexa Bliss walked away from the match. Mickie James and Nia Jax entered the ring and sent Nia out of the ring. Sasha hit Emma with the Banks Statement. Emma tapped out. Alexa Bliss is quickly making enemies around the Raw women’s locker room.

Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. The Miz and a Bear

The Miz was convinced the Bear was Dean Ambrose. Slater took control over The Miz then Slater tagged in Rhyno who continued where Slater left off. Rhyno covered but was able to kick out. Slater tagged in and went off the top rope. The Bear tagged himself in still not revealing himself. The Bear hit Slater and tagged in The Miz. The Miz then went after the Bear. The Bear was not Dean Ambrose. Heath Slater then kicked The Miz after beating up the Bear. Somehow the Bear switched costumes with Dean Ambrose and The Miz knocked Maryse off the ropes. Dean Ambrose hit The Miz with a Dirty Deeds and Ambrose set Heath Slater on The Miz for the three count. Heath Slater and Rhyno won the match. Dean Ambrose strikes again!

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

Big Cass was attacked by someone before the match but started the match strong against Anderson. Big Cass was unable to stay on his feet and finally tagged in Enzo. Anderson hit Enzo with a running kick. Enzo tried to fight back with Big Cass unable to stand up outside the ring. Anderson and Gallows won the match on a Magic Killer on Enzo and they were about to start to beat up on Enzo when The Big Show came out. The Big Show entered the ring and Anderson and Gallows ran.

The Hardy Boyz vs. Sheamus and Cesaro (Two out of three falls)

Sheamus and Matt Hardy started things off. Jeff Hardy hit a Poetry in Motion but Cesaro broke up the count. Sheamus eventually got the fall on a three count. Sheamus and Cesaro took the first match.
1-0 Sheamus and Cesaro

Sheamus and Jeff Hardy started things off in the 2nd match. Sheamus was in control but Jeff Hardy fought back. Jeff Hardy was able to kick Sheamus out of the ring. Matt Hardy and Cesaro were both tagged in. Matt Hardy took control over Cesaro. Matt Hardy hit a Tornado DDT on Cesaro. Matt Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on Cesaro.

Matt Hardy tried to get a quick pin but Cesaro kicked out. Cesaro hit Matt Hardy with a huge uppercut. Sheamus tagged in and connected with a knee to the face. Sheamus went to cover but Matt Hardy was able to kick out after a two count. Jeff Hardy broke up the three count. Cesaro now took control and he tried to hit a Neutralizer. Cesaro then locked in a Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. Matt Hardy was able to get to the ropes. Jeff and Sheamus tagged in. Jeff Hardy took control over Sheamus. J. Hardy got the two count on Sheamus but Cesaro broke things up. Cesaro and Matt Hardy go after each other outside the ring. Jeff Hardy connected with a Swanton Bomb. Cesaro pulled Sheamus out of the ring after a two count. All four went after each other outside the ring. Both legal men were counted out. The Hardy Boyz continue to go after Sheamus and Cesaro. The match ended in a tie.
Sheamus and Cesaro retain the Title with the match not ending in a pinfall or submission.

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