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Hello everyone, Himalaya, the international version of Himalaya, has officially met you. Himalaya International Edition Himalaya is an audiobook app which is the international version of the Himalaya app. It is designed to help the self-improvement of Chinese people all over the world by providing an unlimited listening and learning experience anytime, anywhere. It is suitable for listening during the commute, exercise, trivia and lunch break. The Himalaya International app offers world-famous audiobooks, novels, English courses taught by world-renowned schools, and Chinese language courses for industry experts; it contains over 80,000 high quality audiobooks covering business and finance, classics, historical literature, cognitive thinking, parenting and parenting, etc. Become a member, you can listen to the members’ huge content on the site. Each registered member can also enjoy the benefits of 5 monthly cards for relatives and friends per month, which is equivalent to the cost of 1 yearly card. At Himalayas International, listen to the whole world.

Best programs for listening to audiobooks

The educational process of the 21st century goes beyond visiting the library. Teams of leading IT specialists cannot be aloof. They try to make learning as comfortable as possible.

Audiobook programs as an alternative to printed editions

Thanks to online platforms and other tools, teachers and students can get information at their convenience and in different formats. No matter what genre they prefer.

If enthusiasts are wondering about the best audiobook apps, it’s not just about students or teachers. Listening to works is useful for athletes, travelers, historians, managers and other specialists. All such people will appreciate the advantages of audiobook applications. For lovers of reading, the following selection will be a real find.


The industry leader, the world’s largest audiobook reader app. The digital product was created by the American giant Amazon. Audible has the largest library of over 400,000 audiobooks.

Here are the key benefits of the platform:

  • users who have chosen Amazon Prime will get free access to Audible Channels (a section of original lectures from the best authors);
  • the reader chooses whether to buy audiobooks in the traditional way (separate titles) or by subscription;
  • it is possible to adjust the speed of the announcer;
  • fast forward and backward;
  • the platform can be used for free and without advertising.

Audible is the best app for listening to audiobooks

The program synchronizes audiobooks associated with the account logged in on specific devices of the reader. A monthly subscription costs almost $15 (the user gets access to one book to choose from the entire range, as well as two titles from the Audible Originals corporate catalog). You will have to pay extra for other copies.

The library of the platform contains more than 100,000 audiobooks in English, most of them in high quality. Almost 8000 copies are free. The developers of the resource claim that hundreds of new audiobooks appear on the project’s website every week.

The platform is based on a subscription system. New subscribers will receive their first book for free. But after the end of the 30-day trial version, you will have to pay $14.95 per month (the same price as Audible).


The program is available on iOS and Android phones. The reader allows you to play audiobooks in offline mode (after downloading the files). It often saves when the Internet is weak.

Storytel is a reader for audiobooks

The developers have added a sleep function (listening stops when the system detects that the user is inactive). In Storytel, you can create your own bookmarks and notes, thematic lists of books. In the free version, filtering according to various criteria is available. Other features of the platform:

  • new customers can use a 14-day trial period;
  • when purchasing a subscription, access to audiobooks and electronic catalogs without restrictions;
  • literature for children and young people has been added to the library.

Storytel offers a large library of audiobooks divided into 19 categories: crime novels, erotica, children’s poetry, business, economics and more. Monthly subscription is $5, every new user can enjoy a trial period.

Serial Box

Product for thrifty. Instead of spending money on one bulky novel or audiobook, readers can get shorter episodes. Serial Box’s content library is perfect for everyday study or leisure. Among the advantages of the product:

Serial Box offers a wide variety of genres, from drama to fantasy and science fiction.
The first excerpt is available for free, subsequent versions are available for $1.99 per copy (text and audio versions).
Discounts are offered with a season pass.
It is possible to set the reading mode.

Serial Box

The developers have created an audio player with support for light and dark modes. It will be possible to transmit the sound to the AirPlay 2 speaker, HomePod. The interface and control buttons allow you to skip intro/outro and set a sleep timer.


The product has an integrated function of automatic scanning for the presence of audiobooks. The user can manually add literature from the device’s memory or download a file from a torrent. This is not always the case with competitors. Users who have installed Sirin will not have to search for an additional torrent client. Other advantages:

  • a button for changing the playback speed is built directly into the player;
  • there is a timer to turn it off;
  • forward and back buttons have been added to the interface.
  • Sirin is a functional program

It is worth noting the developers for the possibility of flexible editing of the audiobook description. You can easily set the cover, book title, enter the author or add the publication date.